Saout as a state of mind #1


For the launch of its web radio, Saout Radio presents “Saout as a state of mind #1” in Marrakech. The program is part of the collective project “La Serre du Cyber Park”, an independent proposal curated by the local platforms and spaces: l’Atelier de l’Observatoire (Casablanca), Le Cube (Rabat), LE 18 (Marrakech), Saout Radio and Afrique in Visu.

Echoing the Greek review « South as a state of mind », will propose an understanding of the « South » as a mental positioning, rather than as a physically embedded one. With a rich and diversifed programme, the web radio will not only investigate the concept of the south, but it will also refect on the possibilities emerging from the word “Saout” (i.e. “sound” and “voice” in Arabic). Through a twofold play of resonances between South and Sound, and Saout and South, new horizons will therefore emerge, inviting listeners to explore them through a process of research and discovery undertaken from both a local and a global perspective.



Sonic siestas - From 24th to 29th February / all the day

In the context of La Serre (The Greenhouse), Saout Radio will ofer a space entirely dedicated to the listening of its sound and radio art archives. Lying comfortably on fufy pillows, each visitor will be able to dive into the Saout Radio universe, discovering the various projects curated and produced by the platform since its inception in 2012.


Workshop “Saout Saout South?” - From 24th to 27th February

« Saout Saout South? » is a workshop on radio creation proposed by Anna Raimondo with the complicity of the local radio Radio Campus Marrakech. The workshop will end with a performative live radio session.


Collective listening session – with the curators Marcus Gammel (De), Anna Raimondo (It/Be) and the writer and journalist Reda Zaireg (Ma) - Friday 26th February from 6pm to 8pm

Streaming live on

During this session, the invited curators will select a series of works from the archive of Saout Radio and will present them to the public. The initiative will take the form of a radiophonic live performance during which, immersed in a subtle light, the public will be invited to focus on the voices of the invited speakers as well as on the sound of the selected sonic artworks. The listening will be followed by a Q&A session and it will be broadcast in streaming thanks to the complicity of Radio Campus Marrakech. The recording will also be available on Saut Radio website.


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