Visions from Morocco


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Invited artists: Laila Hida, Randa Maroufi, Abdellah Hassak

25 Sept. 7 PM / 12 AM on the public Austrian radio ORF 1.


“Visions from Morocco” is a space of multiple interpretations of contemporary Moroccan physical and mental landscapes. Inviting the photographer Laila Hida, the video-artist Randa Maroufi and the musician Adbellah Hassak, the project is an attempt to approach the present of the country, the place where these artists come from, through their sonic sensibilities.
Where do these artists come from? Which Morocco are they looking for with their microphones?

Randa Maroufi continues her research for a personal feminism with the piece “Close Up”, where she asks people of her surroundings to describe the famous painting “L’origine du monde” by Gustave Courbet.
In a coral way, her work appears to be a personal diary, which ironically traces the complex relation with sexuality and sex in Moroccan daily life.
Laila Hida explores through her feelings Tiznit, an oasis in the South of Morocco, providing the listener with intimate impressions of her trip and translating the tempo of that place through the musical random playlist she casually met.
Abdellah Hassak immortalizes the most ancient places of Marrakech, working on a living sound archive.

The result is a sonic travel inviting listeners to explore different corners and layers of Morocco nowadays.

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