Saout as a state of mind # 2


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Saout Radio is happy to announce the launch of its web-radio, a sonic platform that, echoing the Greek review « South as a state of mind », will propose an understanding of the « South » as a mental positioning, rather than as a physically embedded one. With a rich and diversified programme, the web-radio will not only investigate the concept of the south, but it will also reflect on the possibilities emerging from the word “Saout” (i.e. “sound” and “voice” in Arabic). Through a twofold play of resonances between South/Sound/Saout, new horizons will therefore emerge, inviting listeners to explore them through a process of research and discovery undertaken from both a local and a global perspective. After the Marrakech step in February, Saout Radio is pleased to present its web-radio in Brussels with the complicity of the art centres L’iselp, Q-O2, Argos and the participation of Radio Panik, Radio Campus Bruxelles and the RTBF.


Monday, 9th May
12h-13h @ Radio Panik 105.4FM
Heure de pointe presented by Chloé Despax, Pierre De Jaeger with Anna Raimondo and Younes Baba-Ali.
Carte blanche to SONAR by Catherine Wloszczowski.
Live radio show with the invited curators Hicham Khalidi and Catherine Henkinet (L’iselp).
14h30-16h @ Radio Campus Bruxelles 92.1FM
Carte blanche to the Belgian collective Radio Moniek with a live performance by luvan, Iota Gaganas and Anne Lepère.

Tuesday, 10th May
12h-13h @ Radio Panik 105.4FM
Heure de pointe Broadcast of sound works from Saout Radio’s archive
20h30 @ Q-O2 Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 -1080 Brussels
Listening session with Anna Raimondo about « Here.Now.Where ? », a projecton sonic ambulation in Marrakech’s taxis curated by Saout Radio for the 5th Biennial of Marrakech in 2014

Live performance « All hail mother internet » by Deena Abdelwahed (Tunisie/France)
This work was created within the framework of the CTM 2016 Radio Lab. Supported by Deutschlandradio Kultur Hörspiel/Klangkungs and CTM Festival, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen Herbst, Ö1 Kunstradio, the SoCCoS - the Sound of Culture, the Culture of Sound, and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Wednesday, 11th May
18h45-20h30 @ ISELP Boulevard deWaterloo 31 - 1000 Brussels
Acousmatic listening session based on the archives of Saout Radio with the invited curators Hicham Khalidi and Catherine Henkinet
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Thursday, 12th May
22h-23h @ Musiq’3 91.2FM
Les Glaneurs, directed by Fabrice Kada

Friday, 13th May

22h-23h @ La Première 96.1FM Par Ouï-Dire, directed by Pascale Tison

Wednesday, 11th May - Sunday, 29th May

11h-18h @ ARGOS Rue du Chantier 13 1000 Bruxelles
Listening point with a selection of works from the archive of Saout Radio related to memories and identity
Sale of “Sounding bags” and catalogues about the artistic work of Mounir Fatmi

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