Carroussa Sonore


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A carroussa is a vending cart made from discarded items and fitted with a battery. In its original form, a carroussa is an object to sell and disseminate CDs of the Quaran by broadcasting religious verses on the street – a kind of religious marketing with an interactive element that conditions the physical space. With “Carroussa Sonore”, the artist Younes Baba Ali questions the codes of interaction with the general public by deviating objects from their original function. Upon an open call, 26 audio works by international artists were selected to be broadcasted through this module in the city of Marseille. The carroussa keeps its original aspect and function of producing sound, but here presents a panorama of contemporary sound creations and is transformed implicitly into a means of increasing awareness to the act of listening.

Artists :

Acoustic Mirror / Alessandro Bosetti / Amandine Casadamont / Andreas Oskar Hirsch / Anna Raimondo / Antone Israel / Antonella Fiori / Chantal Dumas / Clara de Asís / Claudio Beorchia / Caroline Fontana / Détachement Inter- national du Muerto Coco / François Beaune / Hélène Cœur / Hélène Jayet / Jean-Claude Gagnieux-Maoudj / Jeanne Robet / Marc Voiry / Mehdi Ahoudig / Pascale Pascariello / Phaune Radio / Radiolab / Younes Baba-Ali

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