Fearless Radio


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Could radio be a medium of resistance?
Resistance to the economic system?
Resistance to politic discourses?
Resistance to taboos?
Resistance to main tendencies and aesthetics?
But overall - what does it mean to resist?

Inspired by Foucault’s concept of “fearless speech” also known as parrhesia, we wanted to explore what would happen if parrhesia as a “verbal activity” was replaced with “radio language”. Kunst Radio has invited five distinguished artists to become “truth tellers” or “fearless speakers” using radio as a way to express parrhesia through verbal action, electronic sounds, noises and soundscapes to propose a sonic fearless speech.


Aurélie Lierman (Rwa/Be), Meira Asher (Isr), Lawrence Abu-Hamdan (Jor/Uk), Magdi Mostafa (Eg) and Simohammed Fettaka (Ma)

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